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Thing Heater control program,
ESP8266 Space heater controller with NeoPixel indicator

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Pocket Accelerometer program,
MicroView OLED display with built in Arduino chip!
Using MPU6050 six axis accelerometer/gyro connected by I2C comm.

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My Website is not very fancy because it is hand written in HTML in a text editor !

Photoshop treatment of my GTI mark 7

Photoshop treatment of my old GTI mark 6

Kodak Building in Rochester NY, taken with Yashica LM Twin Lens Reflex,
Kodak T-100 MAX black and white medium format film . . . taken in 2005 (!)
Cropped to remove modern cars passing on the street.

Paris from Tour Montparnasse. Mid-ground is the Ecole Militaire,
next is the Champs des Mars, Eiffel Tower (3.5 km away),
Trocadero, Palais Chaillot, Bois de Boulonge then La Defense business section in background.
Gold dome to right is Napoleon's tomb. (Hotel des Invalides, the first military hospital).
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Same shot as above only at night. Not taken by me, found on Wikipedia

View from the second floor of the Louvre, looking out at the Pyramid, the Jardin des Tuileries,
the gold spire of the Place de la Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe (In the distant background, not the little one up close!)

This is a terrible joke but interesting Photoshop technique.
This is in the inner courtyard of the Palais de Justice in Paris.
It had been damp all week and as you can see the pillars are wet.
It occurred to me that the fourth tenet of the Revolution could have been "Humidite", so I added it.

Mennonite Industrialist with his Nachi VORG35 Robot

Animated GIF file: Colours created by boosting saturation to create false colour noise.
This was done in several increments and linked together with the original
"black and white" scanned image to cause sparkling effect

My High School slide rule from 1968 (Nikon 990)

El Angel de la Independencia, Mexico City.
(Scratched negative but very realistic colour)

El Angel, detail

Baby, APITA shopping mall, Toyama, Japan
Taken with a 1.6 megapixel camera in 1999.
With good subject and lots of lighting, this is all the megapixel that you need !!
I suppose that TTL flash control might have not washed out her face...
But this is "the Dawn of Time" for Digital Cameras !

Golden Temple, Kyoto, Japan DC260

On final Brampton, runway 33. Note Cessna on left waiting, rain on windshield,
misaligned with runway due to wind and too high as well (twin white lights)
Taken with ancient Kodak DC-120 digital camera (my first!) in the late 90s.